Fall Home Series: Our Front Porch

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Title : Fall Home Series: Our Front Porch
Link : Fall Home Series: Our Front Porch

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Fall Home Series: Our Front Porch

Welcome to our fall porch! We live in an apartment, but we do have our own entrance to our unit from the outside, which is pretty fun for me to decorate for the seasons. As you might know, I am apprehensive about fall, because I know the reality of winter hits so soon after, but decorating the porch and the inside of our house has helped me embrace the new season a little bit! 

I like to keep things pretty neutral around here, but my husband likes a little color, we we compromised and did a bit of both. I found these pumpkins from Trader Joe's for $24 total. I was really excited about that, because I feel like it's pretty cheap! I also got the two mum plants (not my favorite, but I picked two that almost have a mini dahlia look to them) for 20% off, coming in at $8 each. Then I happened to be at Hobby Lobby on a day their doormats were 50% off, so I got this Gather porch mat for $9.99!! Can't beat it. Here's a peek:

If you saw my post yesterday, then you know how stoic our dog was when I took his picture on the porch. We were about to go on a walk (hence the harness) and he just froze there on the porch staring blankly at us. Ha!! Couldn't be less excited about the walk or the fall porch.

 Obsessed with the pumpkin with warts on the left!!

I love the colors in this mum...making me like the plant a bit more!

Still in love with my magnolia wreath. It looks and feels so real! 

A really easy way to spruce up your entry way and porch is by switching out your door mat! There are so many adorable ones this season. These are a lot of my favorites (most I found on etsy, which I love, because supporting small shops is something I really enjoy doing).

How cute is the doodle do welcome mat?! I also really like the Come In and Cozy Up mat for this season.

Do you do anything to your porch this season?

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