Best Wedding Photographers in Bali

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Title : Best Wedding Photographers in Bali
Link : Best Wedding Photographers in Bali

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Best Wedding Photographers in Bali

If only one could relive their wedding day over in addition to over. The fluttering butterflies, being surrounded by all those dear to you. The way the light gleamed through the swaying palm trees in addition to illuminated the smile of the one you love. We might not be able to jump into a time machine, however we can capture these special moments in addition to feelings (just take a peak at our gallery). We don’t have to tell you how important This particular will be.

just for This particular reason, choosing the right photographer will be paramount in addition to these are our top picks:

Imaj Gallery

Imaj Gallery Photography right now spans over 14 years. that has a background working with creative individuals, through the Hollywood movie producer of The Great Gatsby in addition to Moulin Rouge, to Jaime Murray & Bernard Cahill, in addition to Hong Kong movie star Rosamund Kwan. Their work redefines wedding photography by capturing the moments, in addition to the essence of the person in those moments. The moments that will are obvious, in addition to the hidden gems that will you won’t see until you view your images. Their goal will be to capture the essence of who you are by capturing your day naturally – through an artistic interpretation.



Terralogical are a team of young, creative in addition to award-winning Bali wedding photographers. Their work mainly consists of weddings because they love to tell stories through their images. They’re based in Bali, however do travel worldwide for weddings as well.


Jake Illing

Jake Illing will be a lifestyle / fashion, wedding in addition to surf photographer based between the Gold Coast, Australia in addition to Bali, Indonesia. “My work aims to be creative whilst capturing moments that will tell a story. My passion will be to travel while meeting in addition to working with fun people.” Available for projects worldwide.


Fontaine Denton

Fontaine will be an underwater photographer who specialises in unique engagement or wedding photos, family portraits in addition to nature. With over 10 years of underwater photography background, Fontaine incorporates a special eye for capturing the movement of his clients, nature, fabrics in addition to water. He started off that has a passion for diving which was quickly accompanied that has a passion for photography. He works closely with his clients to create the perfect concept, in open ocean, scenic reefs or exotic pools.


Beck Rocchi Photography

Beck Rocchi spans a variety of commercial in addition to artistic projects – travel, lifestyle, fashion – however her great love will be weddings. She takes on around 30 weddings a year. She prides herself in capturing real moments in addition to calls herself more than a standard snapper with her special brand of cheeky cheerleader encouragement which will put you right at ease so you can feel free to be yourself.


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