Are You A Barefoot Bali Bride?

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Title : Are You A Barefoot Bali Bride?
Link : Are You A Barefoot Bali Bride?

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Are You A Barefoot Bali Bride?

If you’re just going to be throwing them off halfway inside night to have a not bad dance, why wear shoes at all? There’s some definitely pretty options for barefoot brides as well as Bali can be definitely the best place if you’re going to do This kind of.

Barefoot underwater at the beachThere’s something magical about sinking your feet into hot sand as well as your groom will probably thank you for the cool feet too! Just make sure you both take advantage of the Komune Spa as well as get yourselves a relaxing pedicure beforehand!

Barefoot Wedding Sandals

We are enchanted by these barefoot wedding sandals which attach around your ankle as well as run down to loop over your second toe. There’s plenty of styles to choose through depending on your dress as well as how sparkly you’d like to go. There’s also lots of styles with tribal elements or definitely minimal barefoot sandals which will make your guests wonder what’s catching the light on your feet as you dance.

Floral Anklet

The idea of a floral wreath anklet can be an incredibly romantic way to go barefoot as well as Bali has the right fresh flowers for you to create one. This kind of’s just like having a bouquet on your foot as well as This kind of works definitely well with short or sheer skirt dresses. Highlight your wedding colours on one foot or go for a white, more minimal look across both feet.

Nail Jewellery as well as Lace

This kind of’s amazing what nail artists can do these days as well as you can add these luxe look pieces to your toenails for an elegant, chic, barely there look. You can match the lace on your wedding dress to your toenails or choose a few pieces of nail jewellery to tie in with your hair piece.

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