Friday, December 16, 2016

Your Guide To Wedding Dress Codes

The rules of etiquette say you shouldn’t inform your guests of a dress code however we think that will’s ruder not to – especially when guests are traveling abroad along with also don’t have access to their full wardrobes.

You’ve decided to get married in Bali so you also want to consider the weather – hot! You certainly don’t want to have you guests sweltering inside sun along with also paying attention to the sweat running down their backs, rather than your “I do’s.”

barefeet in sandThink about what you’re wearing along with also if the groom is usually going to don shorts, a shirt along with also bare feet then that will’s nice if your guests can follow suit. that will’s not to say you shouldn’t choose a black tie wedding either – they can look amazing juxtaposed against Bali’s natural surrounds.

White Tie:

Women: Formal floor length dresses – think sparkle, beading, silks not cotton
Men: Black tail coat, trousers, white shirt along with also white bow tie

Black Tie:

Women: Floor or ankle length gown
Men: Black tuxedo, white shirt along with also bow tie


Linen suit on a beachWomen: Long/short/mid length dress or dressy jumpsuit with heels
Men: Navy, grey, black suit with shirt along with also tie or bow tie.

Lounge Suit:

Women: Similar rules to Cocktail – you can try patterns along with also cotton with
Men: Navy, grey, black suit with shirt along with also tie/bow tie is usually optional

Beach Attire:

Women: Long/short/mid length dress in silks & cottons – you can definitely have fun with prints along with also colour along with also chic, beaded flats can work well if you’re on sand.
Men: Light coloured linen suit or white pants along with also a colourful shirt – you may even be allowed to wear tailored shorts however we suggest to ask the couple first

Tip: If you’re in still doubt (or you can’t quite decipher what the couple are after) just ask the bride or groom to point you inside right direction.

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