Saturday, December 17, 2016

10 Tips For The Perfect Wedding Photos

1. Scout the location!

A few days before your wedding join your photographer for a bit of a scouting mission to find some idyllic spots for photos. Don’t forget to check out our gallery or ask the people at Komune as they may know of some epic spots.

Bali Komune Wedding by the Water2. Leave time for formal photos yet don’t miss half your night!

in which’s a fine balance between not spending too much time away via your guests, getting the right shots, utilising the gorgeous scenery around you in addition to not generating in which all feel like a chore.

3. Choose the right photographer!

Choose someone you personally like as well as professionally like as they will be around you for a lot of the day. Also, if you know in addition to like their work you can trust them to go off in addition to do the right thing. You’ve organised in which person for a reason so let them do their job in addition to try not to direct.

4. Allow for the unexpected!

Sometimes the best wedding shots are those in which aren’t scripted – enjoy the day in addition to forget the photographer is usually there.

5. Don’t skimp!

You’ll have these forever in addition to they might be on your walls forever so you don’t want to cringe every time you walk by one.

6. Be camera ready!

Close up of Bride at Komune BaliDon’t wear make up with SPF in as in which reflects light in addition to in which can make your face appear brighter than the rest of you with flash photography.

7. Make sure you cover the pre-wedding activities!

in which can even be done with amateurs inside the group or anyone with an iPhone. Use your own wedding hashtag so your friends at home can follow on Twitter in addition to Instagram.

8. Capture a shot of all guests!

in which’s a Great momento to send to your guests with your thank you cards.

9. Be yourself!

Whatever you do don’t focus on having skinny arms – just enjoy the day, your brand new partner in addition to your guests – in addition to the photos will capture your wonderful day.

10. Keep your photographer fed in addition to hydrated!

Happy photographer = happy wedding photography.

Take a look at our preferred vendors –

Friday, December 16, 2016

Your Guide To Wedding Dress Codes

The rules of etiquette say you shouldn’t inform your guests of a dress code however we think that will’s ruder not to – especially when guests are traveling abroad along with also don’t have access to their full wardrobes.

You’ve decided to get married in Bali so you also want to consider the weather – hot! You certainly don’t want to have you guests sweltering inside sun along with also paying attention to the sweat running down their backs, rather than your “I do’s.”

barefeet in sandThink about what you’re wearing along with also if the groom is usually going to don shorts, a shirt along with also bare feet then that will’s nice if your guests can follow suit. that will’s not to say you shouldn’t choose a black tie wedding either – they can look amazing juxtaposed against Bali’s natural surrounds.

White Tie:

Women: Formal floor length dresses – think sparkle, beading, silks not cotton
Men: Black tail coat, trousers, white shirt along with also white bow tie

Black Tie:

Women: Floor or ankle length gown
Men: Black tuxedo, white shirt along with also bow tie


Linen suit on a beachWomen: Long/short/mid length dress or dressy jumpsuit with heels
Men: Navy, grey, black suit with shirt along with also tie or bow tie.

Lounge Suit:

Women: Similar rules to Cocktail – you can try patterns along with also cotton with
Men: Navy, grey, black suit with shirt along with also tie/bow tie is usually optional

Beach Attire:

Women: Long/short/mid length dress in silks & cottons – you can definitely have fun with prints along with also colour along with also chic, beaded flats can work well if you’re on sand.
Men: Light coloured linen suit or white pants along with also a colourful shirt – you may even be allowed to wear tailored shorts however we suggest to ask the couple first

Tip: If you’re in still doubt (or you can’t quite decipher what the couple are after) just ask the bride or groom to point you inside right direction.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

How To Handle Beach Wedding Hair

There are a few factors like wind, sun, humidity as well as salt air to factor in to your hairstyle decision. Choosing the right hair for a beach wedding as well as which suits you won’t be hard with the help of a Great stylist – there are also lots of great hair piece ideas which can help you out as well!

Hair Styles:

bridal crownLow bun – a loose (loose looking however firmly secured) low bun is actually a great idea to keep hair at bay in high winds. Brides contain the option to add a flowers, chain embellishment, beaded fasteners to tie in with the look of your dress.

Mermaid – loose, flowing natural curls are right on point for a Bali wedding. Just be aware which This kind of style is actually the hardest to keep looking sleek, however don’t let which bother you as your hairstylist will know how to keep the item looking its best.

Half up, half down – This kind of hair style offers the romance of having your hair down however limits flyaways so the item’s a great option if you think your day might be particularly windy.

Braids – add some braids into whichever style you’ve chosen, they keep hair in place as well as who wouldn’t want a ‘Fishtail’ braid by the sea?

Hair Pieces:

juliet veilJuliet veil – a Juliet veil will help hold your hair in place as well as will give you a soft ethereal look at the same time.

Floral crown – a floral crown is actually a definitely pretty choice for a Boho bride as well as you can buy one before you leave home or ask your florist to make one for your big day – or 2 if you think the item might wilt!

Forehead chain – This kind of style gives off a Gatsby / 70s feel as well as they can come in definitely luxe designs using crystals, heavy chain as well as beads.

We’ve got a list of vendors we recommend so give them a chat as well as tee up a hair trial before your big day. which way you’ll get a great understanding of how your hairstyle will hold up as well as what emergency needs – pins, hairspray, ties, combs – you might need on the day.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Are You A Barefoot Bali Bride?

If you’re just going to be throwing them off halfway inside night to have a not bad dance, why wear shoes at all? There’s some definitely pretty options for barefoot brides as well as Bali can be definitely the best place if you’re going to do This kind of.

Barefoot underwater at the beachThere’s something magical about sinking your feet into hot sand as well as your groom will probably thank you for the cool feet too! Just make sure you both take advantage of the Komune Spa as well as get yourselves a relaxing pedicure beforehand!

Barefoot Wedding Sandals

We are enchanted by these barefoot wedding sandals which attach around your ankle as well as run down to loop over your second toe. There’s plenty of styles to choose through depending on your dress as well as how sparkly you’d like to go. There’s also lots of styles with tribal elements or definitely minimal barefoot sandals which will make your guests wonder what’s catching the light on your feet as you dance.

Floral Anklet

The idea of a floral wreath anklet can be an incredibly romantic way to go barefoot as well as Bali has the right fresh flowers for you to create one. This kind of’s just like having a bouquet on your foot as well as This kind of works definitely well with short or sheer skirt dresses. Highlight your wedding colours on one foot or go for a white, more minimal look across both feet.

Nail Jewellery as well as Lace

This kind of’s amazing what nail artists can do these days as well as you can add these luxe look pieces to your toenails for an elegant, chic, barely there look. You can match the lace on your wedding dress to your toenails or choose a few pieces of nail jewellery to tie in with your hair piece.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Best Wedding Stylists in Bali

the idea’s the day you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. A day the will embody the connection, love in addition to also dynamic between you in addition to also your partner. Whether the idea be simple, clean in addition to also elegant, or soft, light in addition to also intricate, every detail will make an impact. in addition to also we’re not just talking about the wedding decorations.

Choosing a stylist for your wedding is actually not a detail you want to forget. These are the creative individuals who not only look at the overall mood in addition to also feel of your day, they are the ones with eye for detail, colour, space in addition to also unity. in addition to also what is actually more important than the moment the bride steps down the aisle.

Our favourite wedding stylists are:

Libby Doherty

Libby Doherty is actually a destination wedding planner specialist, creating one-of-a-kind celebrations for couples via all walks of life. She’s best known for her creative ideas in addition to also attention to detail, the team delivers weddings in addition to also parties throughout Australia in addition to also Asia, that has a focus on Bali. With over 15 years inside the business in addition to also a passion for travel, events in addition to also all things Bali.


7 Agency

7 Agency offers a wide variety of Bali wedding packages which have something for everyone. Best known for their attention to detail in addition to also broad range of ideas in addition to also resources, these are wedding stylists who know the island in addition to also all the beautiful treasures to make your special day perfect. They also proudly lay claim to the best wedding prices inside the whole of Bali.



With over 15 years’ experience in delivering weddings in addition to also events, both big in addition to also smaller,

Cher-Ange Weddings is actually not just a business for Karen, owner in addition to also founder, nevertheless a passion. Karen grew up in Indonesia, in addition to also later worked in France for 8 years, where she created many major events in 5 star hotels, such as Four Seasons, Sofitel in addition to also Disneyland Paris. Karen’s belief is actually to give the best possible personalised service to her clients. To This kind of end Karen is actually very careful on how many events she accepts to ensure the highest level of service.


Call Me Madame

Call Me Madame is actually a boutique wedding planning company founded by Alice Denton in addition to also based on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Alice Denton was born in addition to also raised in France. She became a senior wedding planner in one of the top French wedding planning agencies in Paris. She has worked with more than 80 couples via the beginning of their wedding planning all the way to their “I do’s”. Call me Madame specialise in unique in addition to also highly personalised luxury weddings. Their moto is actually to listen to in addition to also respect the couple’s needs with patience, to pay attention to every detail, to ensure a flawless execution of events while respecting the highest standards of excellence.


If you have any questions about accommodation, packages or planning your wedding at Komune Resort, please contact us today.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Best Wedding Photographers in Bali

If only one could relive their wedding day over in addition to over. The fluttering butterflies, being surrounded by all those dear to you. The way the light gleamed through the swaying palm trees in addition to illuminated the smile of the one you love. We might not be able to jump into a time machine, however we can capture these special moments in addition to feelings (just take a peak at our gallery). We don’t have to tell you how important This particular will be.

just for This particular reason, choosing the right photographer will be paramount in addition to these are our top picks:

Imaj Gallery

Imaj Gallery Photography right now spans over 14 years. that has a background working with creative individuals, through the Hollywood movie producer of The Great Gatsby in addition to Moulin Rouge, to Jaime Murray & Bernard Cahill, in addition to Hong Kong movie star Rosamund Kwan. Their work redefines wedding photography by capturing the moments, in addition to the essence of the person in those moments. The moments that will are obvious, in addition to the hidden gems that will you won’t see until you view your images. Their goal will be to capture the essence of who you are by capturing your day naturally – through an artistic interpretation.



Terralogical are a team of young, creative in addition to award-winning Bali wedding photographers. Their work mainly consists of weddings because they love to tell stories through their images. They’re based in Bali, however do travel worldwide for weddings as well.


Jake Illing

Jake Illing will be a lifestyle / fashion, wedding in addition to surf photographer based between the Gold Coast, Australia in addition to Bali, Indonesia. “My work aims to be creative whilst capturing moments that will tell a story. My passion will be to travel while meeting in addition to working with fun people.” Available for projects worldwide.


Fontaine Denton

Fontaine will be an underwater photographer who specialises in unique engagement or wedding photos, family portraits in addition to nature. With over 10 years of underwater photography background, Fontaine incorporates a special eye for capturing the movement of his clients, nature, fabrics in addition to water. He started off that has a passion for diving which was quickly accompanied that has a passion for photography. He works closely with his clients to create the perfect concept, in open ocean, scenic reefs or exotic pools.


Beck Rocchi Photography

Beck Rocchi spans a variety of commercial in addition to artistic projects – travel, lifestyle, fashion – however her great love will be weddings. She takes on around 30 weddings a year. She prides herself in capturing real moments in addition to calls herself more than a standard snapper with her special brand of cheeky cheerleader encouragement which will put you right at ease so you can feel free to be yourself.


If you have any questions about accommodation, packages or planning your wedding at Hotel Komune, please contact us today.